Sunday, 3 May 2009

Timea - Ready to Rock! (Addendum)

Another star is born...let me introduce you Timea F.
She was born on the 13th of June 2008. Healthy and motivated she is since then growing and growing and growing. Although her temper seems to be more from the calm and silent side, she has definitely Croatian genes cause if she demands...she really demands!
Good point, it seems so she really likes her sister a lot, so if somebody wants to make her laugh, Ameli is the best trigger for it. Regarding her carreer i slowly believe that Austria or Croatia will soon get a new beach volleyball team that might defeat everybody who thinks to be their competitor. Ameli has a great talent for any kind of ball sports, her sister is watching her carefully and both of them are rising up high...Daddy will one day have to look up to them.
So, whatever Timea will do in future i do believe that she will make her give you a closer look on her development of the past on the photo link.

Short facts:
Timea F.
Born: 13.06.2008, 7:40am
Weight: 3,575kg
Height: 52cm
Eye colour: Blue as blue can be
Hair colour: Brown to Red to Blond
Zodiac Sign: Twins
Life Pah: 11/2
Destiny: 10/1
Heart: 12/3



Mama said...

Great photos! Soo sweet! I am the biggest admirer :) Mum

Nicole said...

Congratulations on the birth of your lovely Timea (and of course sweet Ameli belatedly), Jochen.(Starsign Gemini for Timea - sorry, couldn' t resist,')))) The girls are absolutely gorgeous!!!
I stumbled across this purely by coincidence and am very curious as to why on earth you would have anything to do with Pakistan?????

All the best to you, Katia and the girls,

Nicole, Alan, Gregor and Finn