Sunday, 3 May 2009

JFK76 is back again!!!

Dear all,

Sorry for my laziness posting nothing for another whole year.
No excuses!

Well, i promised myself for 2009 to start up and bring you a lot of new postings with impressive photos as always and some newies more....

So what changed?
+ Actually not much...still trying to catch up better impressions for a better world!

So what´s new?
+ RSS Feed, so you can subscribe via your favourite feeder, such as google or yahoo and get updated when changes happen, (at least i belive so it should work) ;-)
Already online, to your right...
+ "Statement of the Day" - This will be regularly updated with international statements which are worthy to think about...i won´t comment it, it´s up to the reader to make his mind.
Already online, check the right top side...
+ Music Post Qx - I will post once a quarter my personal new favourites, suggestions and no-gos around the world of music.
Already online, check the postings following...

So what´s comin up?
Very interesting articles, here a short preview:
+ Timea - Ready to rock!
A selection of photos of a new star!
Already online, check the posting afterwards...
+ East Coast vs. West Coast - Beauty vs. Consumption - Hurricane vs. Earthquake!
On my journeys to the states i wanna provide you some impressions about American Life.
+ Norway - An extraordinary expensive Fairy Tale
Well, a headline say more than thousand words...
+ Sistaz!
What about Ameli and they are doin together?
+ Is climate really changing?
Based on winter field studies, i will show you and discuss the development of climate change.
+ Pakistan - Progress or Regress?
What´s up in Pakistan, what changed in the past two years i am travelling to this country.

So lots of things comin up...stay tuned and enjoy!

Nice greetingz from wonderland,


saad masood said...

Hey Jochen, Saad(Ex Telenor Temip guy) here!

long time no see, how are you and your family doing, hope everything is fine.

have u been to pakistan for the Telenor Temip project?

I am in France now for my third semester studies... too much to study since last year, im tired now ;-) ... will make an Euro Tour this Christmas and hoping to see your city , Vienna too!!

well, hope to hear from u, take care

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