Sunday, 3 May 2009

JFK76 is back again!!!

Dear all,

Sorry for my laziness posting nothing for another whole year.
No excuses!

Well, i promised myself for 2009 to start up and bring you a lot of new postings with impressive photos as always and some newies more....

So what changed?
+ Actually not much...still trying to catch up better impressions for a better world!

So what´s new?
+ RSS Feed, so you can subscribe via your favourite feeder, such as google or yahoo and get updated when changes happen, (at least i belive so it should work) ;-)
Already online, to your right...
+ "Statement of the Day" - This will be regularly updated with international statements which are worthy to think about...i won´t comment it, it´s up to the reader to make his mind.
Already online, check the right top side...
+ Music Post Qx - I will post once a quarter my personal new favourites, suggestions and no-gos around the world of music.
Already online, check the postings following...

So what´s comin up?
Very interesting articles, here a short preview:
+ Timea - Ready to rock!
A selection of photos of a new star!
Already online, check the posting afterwards...
+ East Coast vs. West Coast - Beauty vs. Consumption - Hurricane vs. Earthquake!
On my journeys to the states i wanna provide you some impressions about American Life.
+ Norway - An extraordinary expensive Fairy Tale
Well, a headline say more than thousand words...
+ Sistaz!
What about Ameli and they are doin together?
+ Is climate really changing?
Based on winter field studies, i will show you and discuss the development of climate change.
+ Pakistan - Progress or Regress?
What´s up in Pakistan, what changed in the past two years i am travelling to this country.

So lots of things comin up...stay tuned and enjoy!

Nice greetingz from wonderland,

Timea - Ready to Rock! (Addendum)

Another star is born...let me introduce you Timea F.
She was born on the 13th of June 2008. Healthy and motivated she is since then growing and growing and growing. Although her temper seems to be more from the calm and silent side, she has definitely Croatian genes cause if she demands...she really demands!
Good point, it seems so she really likes her sister a lot, so if somebody wants to make her laugh, Ameli is the best trigger for it. Regarding her carreer i slowly believe that Austria or Croatia will soon get a new beach volleyball team that might defeat everybody who thinks to be their competitor. Ameli has a great talent for any kind of ball sports, her sister is watching her carefully and both of them are rising up high...Daddy will one day have to look up to them.
So, whatever Timea will do in future i do believe that she will make her give you a closer look on her development of the past on the photo link.

Short facts:
Timea F.
Born: 13.06.2008, 7:40am
Weight: 3,575kg
Height: 52cm
Eye colour: Blue as blue can be
Hair colour: Brown to Red to Blond
Zodiac Sign: Twins
Life Pah: 11/2
Destiny: 10/1
Heart: 12/3


Music Post Q1&Q2/09

Hello music lovers,

May i present you the first official posting of my new Music Post Qx.

Content of this regular posting, based four times a year, is to provide
you some critics about latest but also older music releases.´s fun and interesting, so check it out....

Here are the albums for Q1 & Q2 2009:

Röyksopp: Junior

Genre: Electronic
Content: Amazing smooth vibes on their 5th album release. This extraordinary Norwegian band has supported since 2001 the intenational Electronic scene. A must for many but not for everyone. Release date, 2009.

Good for: Background music; dance floors.
NotGood for: Music fans who deny that electronical music is existing.

The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die!
Genre: Big Beat
Content: Power! Yes, that´s how we like it! Nothing new but who cares...the album rocks!!! Release date, 2009.
Good for: Any dancefloor which allows far more than 130db penetration! (Airports?)
NotGood for: Guys who think they are too old for this world!

U2: No line on the horizon

Genre: Rock/Pop
Content: Disappointement comes up if you expect more than they produced ever before. It is a nice U2 album, but unfortunetaly just nice! Release date, 2009.

Good for: Background music for U2 fans and people who heard about U2.
NotGood for: Old school U2 who are still bleeding on Sunday!

Various: Hands on Scooter
Genre: Everything

Content: Well, lots of you will read the name Scooter, get some goosebumps and close the blog. Stop! Wait! Listen, i promise you if you want to experience this album, then you´ll start to be interested how bad the original songs were sounding! Terrifying amazing! Special notice to the remix of "Klostethaler-Friends", it is beer tent compatible! Release date, 2009.
Good for: Parties with a touch of aggression and lots of alcohol...Apres Ski?

NotGood for: Scooter haterz, they will never understand the ironic part of it.

Beck: Modern Guilt.

Genre: Alternative/Rock
Content: Nice job! Groovy parts, floating parts and destructive parts combined to a new intellectual journey into music. Release date, 2008.
Good for: Alternatives who think they know more than Nirvana.
NotGood for: Background music on a party where nobody even knows the song "Loser"!

Deichkind: Arbeit Nervt

Genre: Electronic
Content: "Germans try to f*** the dance floor", and nearly succeed in! Amazing powerful beatz with a touch of hardcore. Though they didn´t forget to commercialize it, with "Urlaub vom Urlaub", "Luftbahn" or Arbeit nervt". But, better than anything before! Good development, Release date, 2008.
Good for: Workoutz; dance floors where exchange of sweat is not a tabu!
NotGood for: Maniacs; overworked white-collars workerz!

The Streets: Everything is Borrowed

Genre: BritHop
Content: Difficult to descirbe. On the one hand, the voice...English. On the other hand, the beatz are like US Hip-Hop but though it has something British.
Mr Voice expesses the music. Get yourself an impression, you might like. Release date, 2008.
Good for: Pubs; parties were the percentage of british natives is high; p
arties in general where a high per mille level of alcohol in the blood is the goal of the evening.
NotGood for: Suicide tendenced people; in general poeple who are in anger with Britain.

Laibach: Volk

Genre: Independent
Content: What shall i say? LAIBACH, you love them or you hate them! This Album is from my point of view one of their absolutely best projects they ever realized. Rem
ixing national anthems, such as the one of the US, the Russian, the Japanese, or Italian, (and many more) is most unique at least in that way! And the way is a perfect synergy between finest soft voices and hard Laibach vocalz&beatz. There is something goosy in that music! Release date, 2006.
Good for: Special moods; patriots with a touch of fetish.

NotGood for: House warming parties, cause there might occur national conflicts.

Shantel: Disco Partizani.

Genre: Folk
Content: Balkan vibes rulez! Nobody can tell me that any other music has more temper than the music from the Balkan and its surroundings...Brass it!
Good for: (Disco-)Partizani; People who are ready for lots of dancing and Rakija!!!!

NotGood for: Ćevapčići & Ražnjići haters!

De-Phazz: Godsdog

Genre: Electronic
Content: In the mood for holidays? Check this album! Electronical Trip-Hop mixed up with Drum´n´Bass beatz and everything messed up with finest latin & soul vibes.

Great Music from 2000 and still worthy to listen.
Good for: Background music, dance floor, cocktail bars, or just simply for dreaming.
NotGood for: People who cannot enjoy!

If you have any feedback please comment.Thanks!