Monday, 9 July 2007

State of emergency in the capital of Pakistan!

In the line of fire, Islamabad(2007)

Dear all,

Last week was kind a messing up of emotions in Pakistan. On the one hand i was finally happy to go back to Europe and see my family again. On the other hand heavy fightings started in the capital of Pakistan which gave me the first time, since i have been in this country, a feeling of insecurity. Our office is just appr. 300m bee-line far from the Lal Masjid mosque, better known as "Red Mosque" and we were able to pick up all the sounds of gun- and shellfire from this area. Incredible.
War in the center of Islamabad!
Although civilians were not allowed to enter that district at all, one employee of our customer was hit by a stray bullet and another misrouted bullet broke a window and landed in one of the offices of Telenor.

For one week now these fightings are holding on and just Allah knows when this crazy war game will end.
I wish my friendz in Pakistan all the best and will God be with you to get soon rid of any kind of terrorism in Islamabad and Pakistan.
I can just say that i came to Vienna and i was pretty much happy to be back. Now i will try to re-fill my batteries before my last journey to Pakistan will start by the beginning of August.
In this way i want to wish everybody a nice summer and relaxing vacations.

I will update you with interesting news when i am back in Paki in August!


Khuda Hafiz!


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