Thursday, 19 April 2007

Power to the people!

Hi everybody,

Long time no see! Well, already more than two weeks in Pakistan and slowly everything is going its way. Good progress in business, (although i hardly believe to be back in Europe before end of June), weather is getting again a little bit cooler, (just 40 degrees), and the girls are even more busy than myself. We are now officially members of the UN Club. Well, there you can meet more or less just foreigners, you are able to go for swimming, (a great pool), fitness center is attached and a nice restaurant which reminds me a little bit on home in a commercial way. But you can go at least for a beer legally! Last weekend we met the Austrian community. Well, nearly everbody from Austria is working for OMV in this country, of course! But we met some new nice people also from other parts of the world. We either visited a "safari park". Hm, the funny thing is that this safari park consits of expensive real estates and not how we believed of animals. Yes there are animals, artificial cows, ... ! Another day we went to Taxila museum, a region next to Islamabad where Alexander the Great, the Greek Mythology, Hindus, Buddhists and Moslems where meeting...and this everything between 2 century b.c. - 3 century a.d.! Really exciting, for history freaks ;-). So this is my short descritpion about last week...ah, something i forgot. Yesterday i had my first experience with a real Pakistanian doctor. Since it was so hot the last days, all my stomach muscle got inflamed by ACs, quite uncomfortable. To be secure i went to a doctor suggested by the Austrian embassy. It was interesting...i told him what i think to have and he agreed! And at the end i had to pay 15,-€, incl. medicine. At least private docs in Paki are a real occasion.
Okay so far, more news coming up soon...nice greetingz to everybody! JKA.

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Martin Kleindl said...

Hallo AKJ,
coole trucks ... bin auch schon ein fan. sieht so aus, als ob es euch gut geht. passt auf euch auf ... lg, lbm