Thursday, 27 March 2008

Happy Post-Easter!


Well, the Easter activities are done now. Hopefully everybody found all the
colourful hidden eggs. As far as i saw the weather conditions in Europe it shouldn´t be a big problem to find anything colourful in this ongoing winter!

Check my latest photos and you will see how Easter is celebrated in Pakistan...

...interesting aspect in an islamic country!

One more thing:


Unfortunetaly i couldn´t take part at those celebrations but in Shallah we will have
plenty of other birthdays of Ameli upcoming ... one, two photos arrived me yesterday, so also those photos are online.

Just check it out...PhotoLink.

Best Regards,


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Back in Pakistan!!!

Dear all,

Jochen is back again, back in good old Pakistan.
Not much changes in Pakistan just...
+ nice sunny wheather up to 36° and increasing, (don´t forget it is Spring time!!!),
+ new streets finished in Islamabad, (reducing definitely the traffic jams!!!),
- some bomb blasts once a while, (actually on a quite regular basis),
- all the foreign experts left from Pakistan, (except of Mark I., he will always come back),
~ Cricket, Cricket, Cricket,
...and so on, and so on, and so on...
Well, this time i am staying till beginning of April, so i will try to compensate my time and get
as much as possible impressions for you. Some impressions you can find already in my latest photo gallery, see below.

Last weekend i have been visiting an exhibitons in Lahore for "alternative energy", short CNG. It wasn´t on purpose but since i wanted to visit Basant Festival, (spring opening), and see some kites in the air, Nicolas, (Argentinian Council, who wanted to join this exh.), and me decided to travel to Lahore to have a look on one of the most famous festivals in Pakistan. Unfortunetaly it was cancelled due to two bomb blasts last week in the middle of the town! Additionally we got informed that quite close to our homes in Islamabad another bomb explosion took place. Well, the story with the blasts is not getting really better but there are some good hints avoiding such actions, see as follow:
...police, staff,
...Denish, (nothing against you Knud), & American citizens,
...then everything will be fine. ;-)

So, another thing of avoiding such situations is simply to stay at home and...
...cook something!!!
Indeed i am doing this and not too rare.
Like yesterday we had a great Indian/Pakistanian/Bangladeshi dinner!
Wahid, Bangladeshi citizen, and myself were the stars of the kitchen with some great support of our colleagues living in
the same guesthouse. Since we were never cooking for more than four persons we were not really conscious about how much we really cooked. After a three hours cooking marathon we prepared some great meals for more than eight people! For information we were six of us ;-).
Thanks God Sikander and his family, (fam who takes care about the house), was hungry, too!!!
So next dinners are already planned.

Most important now the 23rd of March. A lot of people will think now of Easter Sunday, yes but it is also
the National Holiday of a lot of helicopters, fight jets, tanks, soldiers and NUKES! Hopefully i will be able to shoot some photos about this activity. People were telling me it is pretty huge and impressive what´s going on, let´s see.

So not to write too much ;-), i will stop now my report and say hello to the world!


See you soooon!


1st Posting 2008!!!!!


Since i didn´t update my blog the last half a year i will post here quickly a link with the latest photos from Ameli and soon upcoming photos from Timea...Timea? Yes, second daughter should land beginning of June, for those who we still didn´t inform about the new kiddy.
Some people are saying, how i will arrange with three women...well, since i am working quite often in countries where men have several women, i can say then i am building up my own family Harem ;-).

But here a game where you even can win a prize...

Timea, (for now our favorite name, but can still change), should be born on the 9th of June.
I know, it´s quite tight for the Austria vs. Croatia football game, but i hope she will let me watching it, anyway i don´t know for whom to cheer ;-).

Please post me what do YOU think when our new earthling will be born...
...the one who guesses the correct day of birth is winning an abonnement for babysitting Timea whenever it is necessary :-).

The one who can even tell us the exact time is winning an abonnement for babysitting Timea and Ameli!!!!!!

Great, isn´t it?

Okay, my try: 8th of June 2008, 19:30 ...she will make it difficult for me reaching the game!

So stay tuned and we update you as soon something will happen!

Photos of Ameli...

All the best, j&k&a&t